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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

the man is keeping me down!!

I guess the best way to go is chronological order.

So, I'm downtown over my extended lunch hour, trying to get insurance, get my tags renewed, and get this ticket taken care of. I was at City Hall to see about the ticket and I asked them to see if I had any balances. I did, one for $5 and the other for $47. So, okay, I know what the $5 one is, but $47? I have NO IDEA. I ask what it's for, and she says "Speeding, and failure to obey an official traffic device." Well, I haven't had a ticket like that in freaking forever. So I ask her what the date of the offense was...

October of 1992!!!!


That was my sophomore year in high school. I was JUST starting out driving at that time. I've been pulled over a million times and even been to jail since that. How does that not come up for ELEVEN YEARS?!?!?!

Nucking Futs. So I figure there's a chance it's some sort of error, but I paid it anyway just to get it out of the way. Weird.

So I've finished my business downtown and I'm on my way to Wendy's, when I pass this yellow Plymouth Duster, looks to be early 70s, about the same era of the one that Miah used to have. So I think, "hey, I'll take a picture of that car for Miah." But the car is behind me and I'm in traffic - the only way for me to do it is to reach behind me and snag the shot... so that's what I did.

Unfortunately, at some point my camera got bumped into macro mode. Dammit.

So I'm on my way back to work, and my phone rings. I don't recognize the number, so I answer, "This is Josh".

"Hi, this is Officer *I forget* from the Wichita Police Department. How are you today?"


Some fucking numbnuts who works at the State building downtown thought I was taking some kind of spy photos of the building or some shit and called the cops with my tag number.

FUCK! It was, like, ten minutes later, and the damn cops had me on the phone! I can't get away from these guys!!

Jesus. So I explained the whole thing to the cop, and he was cool, changed the report from a "Suspicious Character" to a "Miscellaneous Report" and changed my role from "suspect" to "other". Good lord, what a bunch of paranoid fucks. Can't fucking live a normal life without being scrutinized by the cops. What is this, a police state? I have to explain everything I do to the damn cops?

Fucking cameras are getting me in trouble lately.

(I suppose I should point out that I'm in a good mood despite all this.)

There are certain people here where I work who like to send out an e-mail to the entire facility any time they or anyone they work with are going to be out of the office. It's stupid because no one cares. It's irritating. Today a woman sent out an e-mail that said "so-and-so (a co-worker, not even the author of the e-mail) will be out of the office for the rest of the day."

So I sent an e-mail to the entire building that said "I will be out of the office all day tomorrow."

So far only one person got the joke.
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