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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Late to work again today. It's Thursday and I haven't been on time once this week. So far my boss does not appear to have noticed.

Last night I was planning to ride my bike (alone) to OC. Then Gianna called me and pointed out that there was a huge thunderstorm headed straight for us (of which she wanted to get pictures). I determined that driving instead of riding would A) Prevent me from riding in the wet, B) Allow us the opportunity to move indoors if it begain raining, and C) Allow me to keep my camera with me. So I drove. We sat inside immediately upon arriving since the storm was impending.

I took some cool pictures of the freaky scary clouds we had as there was a tornado about 30 miles west of us. Then the grey blob of doom got really close so we decided to go inside. Good thing too, because it rained like MAD a few minutes later. You couldn't see across the parking lot. So I ordered my food and scarfed it down and quickly bailed on everyone to go hook up with Gianna and try to get storm shots.

Well, my passenger side window still isn't fixed. So, I had/still have standing water in the back passenger seat. All the seats in the car are still wet enough to get your clothes wet if you sit on them. What's more ghetto than lining your car seat with towels for your drive to work? All I can hope is that it's hot enough today to evaporate most of that shit. I really don't need my carpet and seats to mildew and rot.

As Gianna and I chased the storm, there were some very cool clouds off to the west as the storm passed us and the sunset broke through again. It was gorgeous. There were mammatus clouds

(you know, these)

with jagged storm clouds moving in front of them and a beautiful sunset with blue sky behind. But as we chased the storm, the lightning (while frequent) was almost all cloud-to-cloud or enshrouded by rain. Meaning, we could see the flashes, but not the actual lightning bolts.

So we went as far south as Winfield before turning around, figuring it was going to be a bust. But then, I looked out my window at the quickly retreating storm and got a great view of lightning streaking across the sky. So we stopped there on Hwy 77 and I shot up a roll of Kodak film. I suspect I got some pretty good lightning shots.

Then as we were wandering back towards Wichita, we found this amazing place out in the middle of nowhere. It was still cloudy so it was very very dark, and we crossed a bridge over a creek which had large trees on either side of it. As I looked out the side window, there were literally hundreds, probably thousands of fireflies. It was amazing. So we stopped and I got chewed up by mosquitoes for the sake of about two pictures of that. I was using 200 speed film at the time, so I hope it was sensitive enough to pick up their light. It was pretty amazing.

Today I drop off that roll of slide film that I keep talking about. I hope to have those images ready to show you next week some time.

I'm off to attack my oatmeal and orange juice.
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