I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

is it just me?

Is electronic music starting to go back underground?

I realize that for those of you in places like San Francisco or Detroit or Miami it will always be present, but for me here in the midwest it seems to be a dying fad. I don't hear about raves anymore. I don't see epic-looking commercials for Paul Oakenfold's latest record. Every other news story isn't about rave kids and ex like it was a year or two ago. Are the trendy kids getting bored with trance and alcohol-free all-nighters?

Or am I just out of the loop? I've unsubscribed from all the juvenile local raver mailing lists. I don't watch much MTV anymore (because it SUCKS!). I really don't go to clubs anymore because they all play booty music and are populated with assholes and club hoes.

I hope it is going back underground. I hope something else comes along soon to take its place. That way the media scrutiny will go away. The trendy asshole people will go away. The club hoes will go away. The cops and all the bullshit about licenses and permits and statutes and regulations and curfews and noise pollution and shady promoters who don't pay their acts... it will all (or mostly) go away. Then I can be a part again of what I've always felt a part of - the true bunch of people who truly love electronic music. Not those who listen because it's trendy. Not those who like Sasha because it's catchy. The ones who dance because they can't help it and don't care what anyone else thinks.

But who knows, it's not like there are still close-knit groups of people who crash warehouses to have disco parties. No clubs that play disco as anything other than "retro night". Maybe electronic music in its current incarnation will go the way of disco. Maybe something else will have to come along and get my attention. Some other pre-trend that I can bitch about when all the middle school kids pick it up.

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