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more lightning shots, this time from 7/9/03

Well, as you remember, I ejected from Wednesday Night at Old Chicago early last week to go chase the storm down with Gianna. Here are a couple thumbnails:

The rest are pretty interesting:

We hopped in her truck and I loaded up a roll of film. This is what they sky looked like. (I did not mess with the colors on this.) Note the mammatus clouds I had mentioned.

Here you can see the jagged clouds in front of the mammatus clouds. Cool stuff.

This one gives an even better idea of the strange contrast between the jagged storm clouds in the foreground and the soft, round mammatus clouds in the background. Imagine those foreground clouds moving quickly from left to right while the background clouds stayed pretty much stationary. Those clouds in the foreground would have been out of the frame within about 20 seconds.

We chased the storm for a while. The sky kept flashing, but the lighting bolts were shrouded in clouds and rain and were unclear. It was just vague flashes of light. After a while we caught up with the storm and got underneath it into some pretty heavy rain. We'd pretty much decided to call the night a bust and had turned around. As we put some distance between us and the storm, I looked off to my right and saw fingers of lightning spreading across the sky, like this:

So we stopped on the side of the road to get some more lightning shots.

I decided to see if I could combine lightning and traffic in one shot.

Good times.
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