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LDRS, Day 1
DATELINE - Argonia, KS. Time - 11:00 AM. Temp: 100F.

Stood out in the ridiculously hot sun for a very long time. Note to self: Black tripod - good for sneaking around in the dark; baaaaaaad for hot sun. I had my tripod set up this afternoon and within a few minutes it was almost too hot to touch. I did get some great rocket shots on the film camera, but the digital really isn't good for anything moving, so I took other interesting pictures with it.

Like the Porta Potty rocket.

I swear to god, this is a real rocket, and has apparently flown before. As proof, here is a shot of the motor retainers and tubes:

Here was a trailer beloning to one of the many vendors of rocket parts there:

There were some pretty cool rockets out there. Like I said, I'll be able to show you more once I get those shots developed. There was a pretty stiff wind most of the day, which meant that rockets whose parachutes ejected at a decent height might drift pretty far away. Some people had electronic transmitters in their rockets, and tracked them with devices like this one:

I also got to see a rocket the size of a large RV:

Tomorrow morning, she flies. Believe I'll have shots of that.

here is a compilation of all the different license tags I saw today. I wasn't able to get the guy from Vermont, and I didn't see the guys from Alaska.

I drank 90 oz of liquid throughout the day and have only had to pee once, and even then it wasn't much. Now, after a cold shower and some time to wind down, I am TAKING A NAP.

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