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Well, I took a look at yesterday's entry and thought, "you know, for pictures of a rocket launch, there aren't very many rocket pictures."

So today, I shot pictures of rockets.

A LOT of pictures of rockets.

In addition to shooting 4 rolls of film today (that makes seven total the last two days), I also shot 50+ digital shots. About 34 of them were worthy of posting, I thought.

You've been warned.

Guys with Rockets

This guy had a huge bottle rocket.

Ready to go!

There were a lot of scale model NASA rockets. I got closeup setup shots of this one while they were setting it up. It started a really big fire, but got off the ground okay.

Rocket Vendors

What the area looks like
This is the near area of the launch range. Based on the size of your rocket motor, there are given Safe Distances. The 10-pads are for the smallest rockets and are therefore the closest.

The big-ass rockets have to be flown from much farther away.

This is the Discovery Channel's trailer.

There were lots of setups just like this one.

More people camping.

This is the lady from the Argonia library. It's a tradition - you have to buy beef jerky from her.

This is the Launch Control Office, or LCO. This is where they push the button that makes your rocket go *whoooosh*.

That pole on the left is the broadcast antenna - they broadcast everything on a low power FM frequency - it goes about half a mile or so.

Here is the Ed Center's tent, where Miah works. I spent lots of time under here trying to stay out of the sun.

Miah helping someone build their rocket

And of course you see a lot of this:

Interesting stuff I saw
The Colorado Springs Rocket Society, or COSROCS. They were preparing to set a world record by launching 288 tiny rockets all at once. Unfortunately, despite all their shcmancy computer technology, they failed to launch twice before I got bored and left.

Discovery Channel film crew. Who this guy is and why he's important, I have no idea.

The Argonia Fire Department was my hero. It was 110F, and jumping in the middle of this kept me comfortable for another couple hours.

A Launch
I told you my digital isn't that good for capturing things that move, but I made an attempt. Here it is.

And lastly, for those of you who care
My camera setup

Miah's rocket flies tomorrow, as does the outhouse rocket. And the RV-sized rocket flew today (it was FRIGGIN HUGE). I got film shots of that entire flight, it was beautiful.

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