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Pheremones - Hormonal secretions that stimulate a physiological or behavioral response from individuals of the same species.

Pheremones which attract members of the opposite sex are also known as "gamelets", or collectively as "game". Thus, saying that a person smells "gamey" is actually a compliment and is probably being said by someone who is experiencing an unexpected level of attraction to said "gamey" person.


"Male - You Can't Have Me (M-YCHM)" - There are two varieties of this pheremone, which I will detail below. Both strains of the M-YCHM pheremone attract females. They stimulate the ego of the female, causing her to want to take on the challenge of actually having the male.

"I Don't Care" - A strain of the M-YCHM pheremone. The "I Don't Care" pheremone is commonly secreted by males who are incredibly vain, and homosexual males. Also the more a male mates, the more of this pheremone his glands produce. This is because a strong desire to mate with a variety of females can hinder or block entirely his production of this pheremone. As this desire is satisfied, production of the "I Don't Care" pheremone becomes less inhibited. This pheremone stimulates the ego of the female, causing her to become curious about whether or not she can arouse the male's interest.

"I'm Happily Taken" - Another M-YCHM pheremone. This pheremone also stimulates the ego of the female, causing her to want to get the attention of the male. This pheremone does not stimulate the female as strongly in most cases, however, because the female knows it is usually worthless to expend energy towards this male. This pheremone does, however, frequently cause the female to feel jealousy.

"Male - You Can Have Me (M+YCHM)" - Another major strain of male pheremones of which there are many varieties. Any strain of this pheremone without fail will repel females.

"I'm Unhappily Taken" - A M+YCHM pheremone, secreted by a male who has a life partner but is trying to mate with another female. Has similarities to the "Single and Looking" pheremone. Commonly secreted by "Johns" looking for prostitutes, and fat sweaty bosses when stimulated by the proximity of their secretary or other young office female. This pheremone causes the female to be repulsed by the secreting male, and will also cause the female to lose respect for the male for his infidelity or desired infidelity.

"Dollars" - A M+YCHM pheremone; this pheremone is secreted by a very specific class of male. This male can be seen during mating season (Friday and Saturday nights) exhibiting his toys which commonly consist of fast cars with loud stereos, expensive clothing, or by having important sounding conversations on cell phones. This pheremone has an unpredictable effect on females. As a general rule, females who have had exposure to the "Dollars" pheremone will build up a tolerance, allowing them to continue unaffected by this pheremone. These females are commonly repelled by this unabashed advertisement by the male, which generally hints at a lack of confidence (see "Confident" pheremone). Unexposed or underexposed females can be highly stimulated by this pheremone, however there are many exceptions to both rules.

"Single and Looking" - M+YCHM. This pheremone affects both the male secreting it and the females around him. To the females it is perceived as a lower intensity version of the "Dollars" pheremone in that the male is advertising his availability, which always repels females. This unique pheremone, however, also affects the male secreting it, and sometimes even the males around him. The effect of this pheremone on males is a slight disorientation and confusion of the ability to find potential mates. Generally a male secreting the "Single and Looking" pheremone will be searching for a female to mate with, but will be disoriented and will not be searching in an environment where mate-worthy females congregate. Between that and the repellent effect it has on females, the "Single and Looking" pheremone virtually guarantees the secreting male celibacy until he can curb its production (usually effected by the production of another pheremone in its place).

"Confident" - Very closely related to the "I Don't Care" pheremone, although not a M-YCHM strain. Both are secreted by males who mate frequently, however the "Confident" pheremone can also be secreted by males who do not. This pheremone is strongly attractive to females, causing them to feel a sense of security when in proximity to the male.

"Shy Guy" - Has effects similar to those of the "I Don't Care" pheremone. This pheremone stimulates the curiosity of the female, causing her to desire the attention of the male, and to elicit a reaction from him. The female attracted to the male secreting the "shy guy" pheremone will adjust the level of her aggressiveness such that she will elicit the desired reaction without scaring the male away completely.

"Musician" - This highly unique and puzzling pheremone is the envy of most males who do not secrete it. Although it contains many elements of M+YCHM pheremones, it possesses an exceptionally strong attraction for females. It contains elements of the "Dollars", "Single and Looking", and "Confident" pheremones. There are also similarities to the "I Don't Care" pheremone. This presence of both M+YCHM and M-YCHM properties appears to confuse females possessing the "groupie" chromosome, causing them to swarm wildly around the male. These females will do almost anything for a chance to mate with the male.

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