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hijacking websites is fun

my best friend's girlfriend is jenniker
she has a website called jenniker.com
her latest entry goes like this:

Little Miss Steffie is a bandwidth whore. Since she doesn't know HTML, she simply links to pictures she likes on the web. So she doesn't even steal pictures to store on her own server. To top it all off, she doesn't even put in alt text or size restrictions, so I had to teach "Little Miss I'm 15 and I'm So Proud Because I'm 52% Slut" a lesson.

Sure I could have just sent a little cease and desist note, and sure the picture I substituted is much more of a bandwidth drain than the original . . . but it's the principle of it all. Oh, and it was really fun. (I had really mean thoughts while I did it, but I think I showed remarkable restraint.)
The person/website to which she is referring can be found RIGHT HERE. Stick with it, let it load, then scroll down.
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