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Most of you don't know this, I don't think. About a year ago some friends and I started a tradition of going to Old Chicago every Wednesday night to drink a couple beers and hang out. It started out as "boy time" but my girl and Miah's girl (he's actually got one now) have started coming most times, which is cool. Wednesday gives us an opportunity to catch up and hang out if we don't get to see each other any other time during the week. When it's warm out, Wednesday takes a lot longer because we ride our bikes to OC. This keeps us a little bit in shape, too. Not a lot, but a little. Anyway, Tandra got a root canal yesterday and she's feeling like crap, so this week we had Wednesday at my place instead. I have a whole big-ass shelf full of Sam Adams that it will take me forever to drink, and I moved the PS2 into the living room. We drank beer, ate popcorn and chips ahoy, and played GT3. I think it was a success. It was fun! I don't think we'll do it every time, or maybe even ever again, but it was cool. I'm sure the staff at OC wondered where we were though.

Last weekend Miah and I played Loser Quest again. I haven't played in about five years, but it's still the same. It awoke within me. I want more.

That's Laser Quest for those of you who didn't know.

Oh, we're thinking about painting the living room. The owners of the house are all for it. We picked out some southewestern colors. I can't describe them or find them online, but if I do I'll post them. It's going to be cool when it's done.

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