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So, that "little" leak in my kitchen became a big problem this morning. Apparently there is some sort of connection in my plumbing between the shower drain and the kitchen drain, because a whole bunch of the water that I showered with went straight out onto my kitchen floor this morning. I had to soak it up with all the paper towels in the house and then all the regular towels in the house. It's a mess. I'm leaving here to go to the hardware store as soon as they open so I can get home and fix it. Fun, fun.

Other than that, I'm completely unawake so far.

Oh yeah, they caught another one of the 50 most wanted Iraqi leaders. They caught him in the same town in Iraq where Saddam's two sons were blasted. What's up with these fucking stupid overproud Iraqis? Wouldn't you be getting the hell out of the country? I mean, assuming you wanted to avoid assassination or incarceration, right? Makes sense to me. But, whatever, as long as these morons hang out, we're more likely to catch them.

Right, I'm really too sleepy still to be pontificating on anything at all.

I slept last night from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM and then again from about 4 AM till 7 AM. It's an interesting sleep schedule. It allows for a lot more time awake during the late night, which I like. During the peaceful stillness. Monday night the moon rose very very red. Tonight it's a half-moon. I believe I'll try to go out around midnight and take a shot of it. It rises at 12:17 AM where I am, so I'll try to be in place by then. I have an idea of what to do, but it depends on the moon rising in just the right place. If that doesn't work out, I'll have to scramble pretty quickly to set something else up before the moon gets too high and isn't red anymore.

Enough babbling; to work with me.
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