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It's Friday and I really don't want to work. Someone entertain me.

Seriously. Mini-golf, TradeWars (actually I've never played that in my life), conversation, something. On AIM I'm BsyChld424. Holla.

Oh yeah - I'm way better than yesterday, you gaggle of uncaring fair-weather fucks who only comment when I'm in a good mood and not when I'm bummed. Screw you all.

Oh yeah, P.S., I'm SERIOUSLY JONESING to play Spades with someone. Online would work, but really I want to play here locally. I want to set up a card table or sit at someone's dining room table and drink beer and play some serious trash-talking Spades. I have a partner ready so I only need two more people, but you obviously have to be local. Someone HOLLA AT ME!

In other news, my chiropractor is god.
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