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No, it's alright. I'm sure Arnold will make a brilliant governator. I'm certain that he's a political frigging genius, and the people of Cali are to be applauded for being so responsible. I mean, I knew Hollywood was running shit over there, but damn. Oh well, not that we'll ever know the difference, since he will probably be surrounded by enough advisors to keep him from doing something too incredibly stupid. Remind you of anyone else? Oh, wait, Rumsfeld is the one who *encouraged* Bush to do something incredibly stupid. Gah.

I bet Arnie yodeled when he won, and I'm sure at some point last night or today he made a speech to say "Danke Schon" to the people of Cali.

Oh well. Might as well keep the streak going - two states have had idiot muscle-heads elected as governors, only forty-eight left! Anyone got any ideas for Kansas? I nominate Big Show. I mean, this is his home and all.
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