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all cars, all the time

God, I love cars, and god, I wish I had one that performed.

I have got to get a subscription to Automobile magazine. A few weeks ago I picked up the September issue in a doctor's office. The cover story was a comparison of the new Mid-engine supercars - the new Lamborghini, the new Ferrari, and the Ford GT.

When I opened it, I found an even juicier story - the top three hatchbacks that will never make it to the U.S. One of them was the Ford Focus RS, a car I've lusted after ever since I discovered it a year or two ago. Well done.

Then today I was at a different doctor and picked up the October issue. The cover story was a comparison of the top 12 cars for under $30k.

IS300, Infiniti G35, an Audi, BMW, GTP Comp G, and of course the WRX (Why not the STi? I don't know) and the Lancer Evo. Made for some good reading. But I also found an article on the upcoming 04 F-150 SVT Lightning (which will apparently be competitive with the 500 hp Dodge SRT-10 truck). But the best of all... oh, I couldn't even believe it. There was an article in which the magazine got a bunch of well-known race car drivers including David Higgins who runs a rally school in the UK and is basically the SCCA ProRally driving champion, and Boris Said who races just about every class and kind of racing there is, together at the Michelin wet course. Each driver took turns in a Porsche 911 Carrerra and a Viper SRT-10, and they held a competition. A DRIFTING COMPETITION!!! To see who could hold the most severe angle without losing it, and who could slide the longest. Jesus. What fun that would be.

I played in traffic with a 3000 GT today. Not a VR-4. Personalized tag on it said IM2SLOW. It was fun.
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