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She let me read her written journal Monday night. I was hesitant. I'm fairly certain she didn't write it with the intent of letting me read it, so I wanted her to be sure she really wanted me to. I don't think I can recreate right now the feeling I had reading it since I'm at work at the moment, but there were parts that made me almost tear up with happiness.

I told her that I'd caught myself a couple times almost saying those Three Words that you're not supposed to say this quickly. She wanted to know why I felt I shouldn't, and I explained that doing so would have violated my definition of the word. She was okay with that. I said "I don't think I truly feel that way yet, I think I just want to really badly." Her response was "I don't think the feeling you're describing is the feeling of being in love. I think it's the feeling of falling in love."

Then she said "The other night I told Miah that if I could sew angel's wings on your back, that would describe how I feel about you."

[insert Tim's screen name] (4:23:17 PM): she told me that the other night at dinner too
[insert my screen name] (4:24:03 PM): hmm
[me] (4:24:07 PM): guess I better keep her
[Tim] (4:24:19 PM): you'd be a damn fool if you didn't
[me] (4:24:29 PM): yup yup

It's that feeling I haven't had since Heather. I feel connected to this girl on a soul level. She makes me happy. Did I mention that our first date was 8 hours long? We were out until 4:30am, somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, lying on the hood of my car listening to Tori Amos and looking at the sky. It was...refreshing.

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