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Hey KC - it's okay. No need to go undefeated the entire season. In fact, no need to actually win this game. Winning's overrated, right? And hell, if you're going to lose, you might as well do it to a team that is under .500 coming into the game. You might as well do it against a team that's been running their mouths about beating you. I mean, just let them do it, right?

In fact, what the hell, why don't you guys try to see just how few first downs you can get? Let's try to keep it under ten for the entire game. Let's not penetrate the offensive line or put any pressure on the quarterback. Let's not even come close. Oh, and kickoff and punt return team - make sure you don't give Dante a fighting chance in hell to do anything.

Yes, I realize there are eight minutes left and I realize they came back against the Packers. But I don't feel it today. Today the Chiefs are playing for absolute shit. This is why they will not win the Super Bowl and this is why they have the potential to pull a Chiefs Trademark Post-Season Insta-Fold. They may just collapse as soon as they hit the post-season, and this is why. If the freaking Bengals can shut the Chiefs down like this, so can anyone else, and now they know it.
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