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Hey Kansas City - I got some ideas for you. I know these are novel, I know these are pretty extreme ideas for a football team to practice, but it looks like you guys are in need of some help.

First - to the entire team - you should try making a one-on-one open field tackle sometime. I hear they help.

Second - to the O line - there's a new trend among football offenses. It's where you make an area for the Quarterback to hang out in for a few seconds while he looks for an open receiver. It's called a "pocket". You should really try that out. Give Trent some fucking space.

Third - to Dick Vermeil, Al Saunders, and Trent Green - stop throwing to Dante Hall. He's a hell of a kick returner but he can't catch and he's not a weapon against a line-of-scrimmage-based defense.

Fourth - to the defense - how about some pass coverage?

Fifth - to the whole team again - You're letting Chad Johnson get away with running his fucking mouth. You suck.

Hey Bengal Fan - don't get all fired up about this. Don't forget, you're still the freaking Cincinatti Bengals.

Kansas City deserves to lose today. They played like shit.
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