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A couple weeks or so ago I was puttering around the house and I started flipping through the channels. Starz Encore was actually running Friday, which I thought was pretty cool. Most networks won't touch it, and those that do are the ones who have to bleep everything out and run commercials. So it was cool to see it in all its profane glory on something other than my VHS tape. The best part was, though, when Tandra called on the phone and I muted it. All the cursing was written out in big block letters on the Closed Captioning. It was, if possible, funnier than watching it with sound. Written on my screen, after Craig (Ice Cube) slams the door on the old ladies at the beginning: "WELL FUCK YOU!" "HALF DEAD MOTHER FUCKER. COME ON SISTER." It was a riot.

And did you guys hear about this? Apparently in Budapest, Hungary, at the University of Arts, they closed down a garden building about five years ago for remodeling. I guess they forgot about it or something. Anyway, some guy went in there and hung himself a while back, like a year ago. So they re-opened the building, and the body hung there for a whole day, and people just looked at it and thought it was a piece of artwork. It took them a whole day to figure out that it was a real dead body. Nucking Futs. Here's the story.

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