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Yay! I asked a question about motors in gearheads and so far it's generated something like 30 comments. LOTS of good car information in my inbox!

Day three of me displaying really stupid people to you: Turns out a whole bunch of people around here weren't running Norton AntiVirus like they were supposed to be. Now some worm is running rampant all over the network, generating retarded amounts of traffic and making access to the outside world a general pain in the ass. Well done, idiots.

Yesterday I enrolled. Taking 12 hours. I suppose that by doing that I've pretty much admitted that I'll be staying here for at least another semester. I had to take a math placement test. I'm taking Beginning Algebra. I hope that at least counts as an elective. I don't remember a damn thing about algebra. I'm also taking Geology (online), Lifetime Fitness (a 1 credit hour pre-session course that I will knock out in four days before the semester starts), and General Psych (online). Yay. I have three more semesters before I get my Associates. Boo.

I'm tired and I hope it snows a bunch soon.

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