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Jesus. TODAY I wish I had an office. Any office WITH A DOOR will do.

My cubicle farm is adjacent to a large open area that gets used a lot for our Senior Support Group activities. Today is the Christmas party, I guess, and they're blaring Christmas music through a little bitty cd player that's much too small to be played that loudly. So not only am I getting loud-ass Christmas music (for the old deaf people, I guess), but I'm getting it DISTORTED. I've had to crank up the volume on my headphones to REALLY FUCKING LOUD to drown that shit out.
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  • it's snowing!

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    You know what today is? BLUSTERY. heheheh. (Oh, and there were enormous flakes of SNOW falling for a few minutes this morning.)

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    This is what Wichita looks like right now

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