I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

I haven't talked at all about this, but I'm going to now. The health of Tandra's and my extended family seems to be going down the crapper all at once.

Tandra's mom has been married about five times. The man she's currently married to (Tim) is technically Tandra's stepdad, but he's really not much of a father figure to her - they only got married a couple years ago. However, this guy is a really nice guy and he's finally someone that her mom (Teresa) is happy with. He actually loves her and doesn't treat her like crap like a lot of the men in her life have.

A few weeks ago, Tim was diagnosed with liver cancer. It's sufficiently advanced that there's nothing they can do. A liver transplant would most likely fail after a short period of time, and Tim has said that he does not want to take a liver from someone else who could use it better than he could, so he's chosen not to get a transplant. The doctors don't give him long. Wednesday night he was suffering from dementia and they didn't think he was going to make it through the night. He's jaundiced and weak and just generally in really bad shape. He'll be lucky to see Christmas, honestly.

Teresa is a mess. Tandra (as usual) has had to be the strong one. Fortunately that's a role she's well-suited for.

A few days ago my grandpa on my mom's side (technically my step-grandpa, but my real grandpa died when I was two and I have no memory of him, this guy (Earl) has been my grandpa as long as I can remember) started having trouble breathing and was too weak to walk across the house. He's had some health issues here and there over the past couple years and he's lost quite a bit of weight. He's old, 80-something, so it's kind of to be expected, but still scary. They took him to the hospital and ran some tests. We haven't gotten any results yet, nor any phone calls, so I assume that's a good thing. Mom talked to him and he seemed to be doing well, she said he sounded strong.

Last night dad called me and told me that my aunt on my mom's side has to have brain surgery Monday. Evidently she's got either a tumor or an infection deep in her brain, and she thinks she'd feel a lot more sick if it were an infection. They already know they won't be able to get it all out due to the way it's grown around stuff in there. So this is a big scary deal.

And finally, my grandpa on my dad's side is complaining that his chest gets tight when he stands up and walks. When my dad asked him stuff about going hunting next year, he said things like "well, if I'm still around then" and "I don't want to make any plans that far ahead, we'll see what happens then" and stuff like that.

So, yeah. This is all not stuff that consumes me all the time, it just passes through my mind now and then, but some of these situations are certainly going to come to a head sooner rather than later. :-/
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