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In bold are the things I have in common with scarletfirefly, from whom I stole this. If you want to do it too, change the non-bold things to things about yourself.

shhh, you can scroll past it if you don't give a damn, my feelings won't be hurt.

01. I live in Kansas.
02. I love spring rollses
03. I don't have Tivo.
04. I have cable.
05. I love music, but I hate most music stations on the radio.
06. I've been keeping a blog for several years.
07. I hate when people type in all caps online.
08. 75 degrees is the perfect temperature for me.
09. I love doggies.
10. I am a college student, debating whether to attend this semester.
11. I love learning about things I'm interested in.
12. I need a haircut.
13. It doesn't really bother me if people forget my birthday I have no expectations.
14. I don't have a great memory when it comes to minute details and useless trivia.
15. I've dyed my hair alot!.
16. I haven't dyed it in a while though.
17. I generally don't open doors for women. Not that I'm not a nice guy, I just save that for Tandra and my mom and people like that.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I'm not an artist, although I wish I were.
20. I find that I am hopelessly addicted to lj.
21. I eat things that make me fat.
22. I never ever exercise, though I should.
23. I'm not opinionated about everything, but I am very opinionated about some things.
24. I'm not usually very comfortable around people I don't know.
25. I used to listen to gangsta rap. Fortunately for me it was just a phase. I still listen now and then for nostalgia/amusement purposes.
26. I am trying to read books more often lately.
27. I love spontaneity.
28. I'm a mind-bogglingly normal, dry, and uninteresting person.
29. I've only ever been in three fistfights, and two of them consisted of two hits or less.
30. I never learned morse code, except SOS.
31. It generally doesn't occur to me to answer rhetorical questions.
32. I have a horrible cat allergy.
33. I love love love video games.
34. I don't have a single piercing or tattoo.
35. I was born in the seventies.
36. I've never named a body part.
37. I have several scars on my head.
38. I suffered great bodily harm from my parentses pastor's daughter dropping me down a flight of stairs when I was a baby. No sh!t.
39. My favorite salad dressing is vinegar/oil.
40. I've never been to New York.
41. I'm an ingrateful bastard - thoughtful gifts are nice, but if it's something I want or like, then I really dig it.
42. I've never been to Mexico.
43. I've never had drinks with my neighbours, anywhere I've lived.
44. I love animals.
45. I love getting email.
46. I can't get into porn at all if anyone else is around other than my S.O.
47. I don't like coffee.
48. I hated New Kids On The Block if for no other reason than I got so sick of hearing about them.
49. I love photography.
50. I have a cell phone, and you can call me on it!
51. I have a dog. [two, actually.]
52. I want to run my own bed and breakfast.
53. I was never on Romper Room.
54. I find it very difficult to meet new people and make new friends. I generally stick with the one I have.
55. I don't like shopping malls or mass/blatant commerciality.
56. I'm a flawless speller.
57. I've never been called a pinko commie.
58. I want to go to Ireland.
59. I want to learn Latin.
60. I'm starting to think love is usually more trouble than it's worth... but I found an exception.
61. I hate Nutter Butters.
62. I've never eaten a bug of any kind. Or a booger. Or dirt, or glue.
63. I never ever get hit on by strangers. Ever.
64. I couldn't paint or draw anything identifiable if my life depended on it.
65. I like to swim.
66. I wish I could travel more often.
67. I am materialistic and a bit of a packrat.
68. I procrastinate some, but not really badly.
69. I usually know what I want for holidays or my birthday.
70. I love my mom.
71. I usually find talking about deep things like religion and the meaning of life to be boring.
72. I enjoy long drives.
73. I love soy Dr Pepper.
74. I hate Daylight Savings Time.
75. My parents are still married after something like almost 30 years.
76. I don't have many friends, but the ones I have are deeply loyal.
77. I've seen both solar and lunar eclipses.
78. I have blue-ish/greenish eyes.
79. My hair is a length I'm not used to and it feels weird.
80. I want to design my own house.
81. I'm probably really anal about stupid things.
82. Of all my favorite musical artists that have ever gone on tour, I've seen all the ones I wanted to see. Not counting DJs.
83. I can sing, but I never do.
84. I don't live with my parents.
85. On some issues, I'm very firm in my beliefs.
86. I love reading about cars.
87. I'm geeky without being nerdy. (I'm sure that one's up for debate.)
88. I know how chess pieces move, but I never ever play. I'm not a strategic thinker.
89. I sleep with my dogs.
90. I try to be a rock star.
91. I'm taller than my mom.
92. I've done stuff that only a couple people know about...
93. I HATE when computers freeze.
94. I frigging love roller coasters.
95. I drink alcohol occasionally.
96. I am introverted.
97. I have no idea how attractive I am to the opposite sex.
98. I've never given a BAD pick up line. (But that's only because I don't give pickup lines at all.)
99. I'm right-handed.
100. I remember this song from three years ago.
101. I am done with this survey now.

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