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Warning - every last one of these is about Tandra, and most of them are utter cheese (but I like them anyway).

Haiku for Tandra #1
I came home for lunch.
Snuggled in warm sheets with you.
Best part of my day.

Haiku for Tandra #2
I did not know that
things were going quite so bad
as they seem to be.

Haiku for Tandra #3
I know that sometimes
I forget to cherish you
As much as I should.

Haiku for Tandra #4
I kiss your forehead
Right before I leave for work.
Soft skin smells so sweet.

Haiku for Tandra #5
You said, "Love you too"
In your raspy morning voice.
I wanted to stay.

Haiku for Tandra #6
Last night you woke me.
Closeness and intimacy:
You know what I need.

Haiku for Tandra #7
Late last night you came;
Woke me from a restless sleep.
Eased my worried heart.

Haiku for Tandra #8
You look kind of scary
in your tall stiletto boots.
Please don't step on me.

Haiku for Tandra #9
On the other hand,
those stiletto boots are hot.
Hey, how YOU doin'?

Haiku for Tandra #10
From across the room
I admire your poise, your grace.
Beauty manifest.

Haiku for Tandra #11
Words fail to express
the way my heart feels when I
see you smile at me.

Haiku for Tandra #12
My girlfriend's been a rock star
since she was seven years old.
We park right up front.

Haiku for Tandra #13
Blankets rise and fall.
Deep, rhythmic breaths flow in and
out like ocean waves.

That's all for now.

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