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oh yeah!

And, I tried to install PCAnywhere on my computer at home yesterday, and totally hosed Win2k. It loads up in 640 x 480 resolution with 16 colors and the mouse and keyboard don't work. Safe mode does the same thing. Last Known Good does the same thing. I used the Win2k install cd to "Repair" it, and it didn't work. I have to re-install everything! Dammit!

At least I've got Win98 to fall back on to use to back up all my stuff. At least the drive's partitioned so I don't have to wipe everything. That was a good idea. But still, what a pain in the ass.

My computer says "Yep, you get to spend hours reconstructing what your dumb ass destroyed in thirty seconds!"


And, I installed it on my work computer (SAME OS, mind you) and it was beautiful. Go fig.

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