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About a week ago, my bathtub started leaking. Well, not the bathtub itself, but some component of the plumbing that makes it work. It went from bone-dry to a very hefty drip-drip-drip. This is a problem because given the location of the apparent leak, I'm going to have to tear into the wall to get at it and fix it.

Then Drea informs me that the carpet in the basement is wet. You guessed it, the leak is going down through the wall to the basement. Nice. I moved some of Cody's crap out of the storage room in the basement and found a lot of water. This is not good.

So now I'm faced with a situation where I must fix this immediately, or risk a terrible case of mold inside my walls. Given Tandra's and my allergies, and remembering that we actually had to move out of a previous house because of just that sort of problem (weekly sinus infections are no fun), this is not a happy situation. I don't have the money for this.

Then add to the mix the fact that this bathroom is one of the things in the house that I would really like to remodel before we move out. Obviously we can't remodel the whole thing right now, but this sure would be a good opportunity to replace the tub and shower. Again though, we run into the issue of money. I'm estimating that with a cheap tub and shower, we could do that work for around $700. Too bad, I'd really like some of the shower units I've seen online for more like $2000, but alas. I suppose just about anything brand new we stick in there will be better than what's in there now.

If I replace the tub, I'd really like to replace the fixtures. ($$$)

If I rip into the wall, I'd really like to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, since it doesn't currently have one. ($$$)

I put off my mortgage payment by one paycheck this month in order to afford Christmas. That means that my next check is going to be something like $400 short of my bills. I.e. I don't have money right now to do this. Maybe in a month or even two weeks I could do it, but not now.

And that's not to mention how long the work might take - this is the only shower in the house. I can come to work and shower here if I have to, but Tandra doesn't have such a good option as far as I know, and that does nothing for us on days off.

Dad's coming over tonight to take a look at it. Maybe we'll go to Lowe's and price some tubs or something.


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