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So, I just went to this place I've been hearing about called the Vagabond. It's a tiny little coffee shop, only they have booze as well. For Wichita, this is pretty cool. It's all dim and moody and totally reminds me of the Bean. I love it.

Backstory: The Bean (The Bohemian Bean Company) is a coffee shop I used to frequent all the time about five or six years ago. It was right across the street from the best club that Wichita has ever seen, SubCulture. Unfortunately both places kind of went to shit at the same time, installing TVs and crap like that. TVs. Who the fuck installs TVs at a club called SubCulture? It was a goth/industrial club with black painted walls and loud fuckin music. TVs. WTF.

Anyway, they both kind of died and closed at about the same time, and I've been missing them both ever since. My electronic music itch really hasn't been satisfied yet (although there is at least one decent option now), but this place totally nails my coffee shop needs. I had a Cafe Au Lait with a shot of Bailey's and honey drizzled on top. They play XM radio which I completely dig. XM is all new technology hip, which I am all about. The station is called The Loft, which I also love, because it's NOT FUCKING INFINITY or ENTERCOM or some shit. It's not the same goddamn radio on every FM dial in every city, no loud flashy slogans, no jive-ass DJs, and NO CALL LETTERS. They can name the station whatever they want. Cool stuff, and the Loft is totally mellow. I would have stayed longer if I'd had the foresight to bring a book or something.

So yeah, I found a new haunt. I'm a regular there, they just don't know it yet.

That plus a fabulous couple hours with Tandra after work makes Josh a happy boy. :-)

P.S. For those of you who read both my journal and Tandra's and are going WTF?!?, yes, there is lots of shit going on that I'm not talking about, but at this point I'm pretty sure it's all good shit. I'm not prepared to talk about it because for the past six months or more I've been blathering about my big plans and what I'm gonna do, and then I never do any of it, so I'm not going to talk about any of that crap unless and until it actually happens. That way I can salvage what little credibility I have left with you, patient reader.

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