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Boy, do I have a lot to talk about.

1. I want Drea out. That's it 'n' that's all. Sickuvit.

2. I'm stressing out fucking big time, man, about everything except for two things in my life. I'm not stressed about my car, and I'm only a little bit stressed about Tandra. I'm uber-stressed about my house. I want out of it. I'm going to kick Drea out, tag all the shit I don't want and have a moving/estate sale to raise money and get rid of clutter. Then I'm going to sell the house, take a loss on it, and file for bankruptcy on everything except the cars. I don't mind the black mark on my credit. This house is too much space for me to handle. I just want a little cozy thing with windows, a back yard and a garage.

3. Today is a red letter day in my LJ. The red letter day in my real life was Tuesday, but I've been unavailable to discuss it until now. Actually, I'm red/green colorblind, so red really isn't that dramatic of a color for me. Therefore I hereby rename the phrase red letter day to blue letter day. Today is a blue letter day in my LJ. From this day on I will no longer bitch about having to drive a land yacht. From this day on I will no longer have to worry about the fact that the transmission in my car leaks. From this day on I will no longer bitch about not having enough practice driving a stick shift. For THIS is my new car:

It's a 1990 Mazda Miata. 5-speed. New paint job and Robbin's convertible top. It's got two covers for the top when it's down - a black leather one and a white fiberglass one, painted to match the car. It's got aftermarket ground effects, spoiler, and roll bar. Dude threw in a clutchmasters clutch which doesn't even need to be installed yet, and bought two new rear tires (the fronts are fine). It's got momo pedals. Eibach springs and a coil-over kit. Front and rear sway bars. Strut tower brace.

Josh be a happy boy.

We drove to Paducah, KY to get the car. I thought it would be a two-day trip, there and back, but it wound up taking four. Hence tomorrow I will be voluntarily beginning an eight-day work week. Good times. I get to work through the NFL Conference Championship games, but hey, some things are more important, like keeping my jobby job and getting some reasonable amount of a paycheck.

We also stopped off in Nashville to see zerogenius and his girl Jessie. I'd never met him in person before, and we had a blast. It was awesome. Next time Tandra and I go to Nashville we'll have more time to actually hang out and see the sights and stuff, but I did manage to take us out to dinner which was definitely fun. I also got some cool shots of a bridge they have there, I'll post them when they get developed.

I really, really enjoyed the time spent with Tandra these last few days. Look how adorable she is, standing in the cold wind:

It was a fun trip. Tell you more about it tomorrow.

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