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My junior year in high school I had English 2 for 6th hour, right after lunch. Following that, I had Study Hall during 7th hour and no classes 8th hour. If I went to Study hall every day for the first month or so, it became another class I didn't have to attend at all.

Also my junior year in high school, I developed the bad habit of skipping my english class. But because I wanted to earn those last two hours a day as classes I didn't actually have to attend, I always made it back in time for Study hall.

Problem was that Study hall was the same classroom and same teacher as English 2, the class I was skipping. That's right - one right after the other.


But I did it anyway, and eventually earned that 7th hour free pass, meaning that I could leave after English class, and if I continued skipping English class, I could just leave for lunch after 4th hour (5th hour was my lunch period) and not come back.

Yes, my senior year I did have to take two English classes for one semester, but that was fine. I handled that like a pro.

Point is, during one of those early semester Study Hall periods, my English teacher called me a loser in front of everybody. I said "I'm not a loser!" And she said "In my class you are."

She was right, and we both knew it, but you still don't run around saying that to your students, especially in front of the rest of the class. It didn't scar me or anything, and I'm not mad at her. I actually laughed at her about it and still do.

It's just an interesting story.

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