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I like this one. I got this from democritus. Only, I'll take it a step further. Not only will I tell you who would be in my posse if I were famous, but I'll tell you from which movie and why.
  • Robert DeNiro in The Score - gotta have a safecracker. Plus, he and I would mastermind all of our stealthy criminal operations.

  • Ice Cube as he makes himself out to be in all his CDs (I would have said Boyz N The Hood but he was kinda small-time in that movie. Not to mention that he wound up dead at the end.) - Head skull thumper. Plus, you know that guy never travels without his crew, so it'd be like I had my own little gang. A subset of my posse. A sub-posse, I suppose. Intimidation is good.

  • Mos Def in either Brown Sugar or The Italian Job, I can't decide - just for my own personal entertainment.

  • Jason Statham as Handsome Rob in The Italian Job - because he's a much better guy to have as a driver than Nic Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds (Great movie, but Nic is a bit of a weener and not quite believable as a thug).

  • Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction - "I solve problems." (Gotta have someone who can clean up the inevitable mess.)

  • Samuel L Jackson in just about anything - Sam is a badass. You can't have a proper posse without Sam. "When you absolutely, positively gotta kill every single MF in the room... accept no substitute."

  • Seth Green in the Italian Job - Probably the most entertaining hacker I've seen lately.

  • Morgan Freeman - Morgan really doesn't fit in here since my crew appears to be shaping up to be a bunch of renegades, but seriously, how cool would it be to get to hang out with Morgan Freeman?

  • Trinity from the Matrix - one word: WEAPONS. I would have said Keanu Reeves, but 1) When you have a guy who can alter reality, there's really no point in assembling the rest of the crew, and 2) Every time I see him, I still think of Ted Theodore Logan.

  • Don Cheadle as Basher in Ocean's Eleven - demolitions
  • and finally, Lori Petty in Tank Girl - Lori Petty is kickass and anything Tank Girl reminds me of Tandra. If this didn't have to be famous people, I'd just substitute Tandra in here, but then she'd be at the top of the list. Tandra would hang out with Cube and they would run around kicking the asses of people who messed with my operation. Wait, when did I become a mob boss? I think maybe I'm taking this movie thing a little too seriously.
Can I recruit Ashton Kutcher just so he can be a fall guy for something and then we can kill him and hide the body?
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