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This wasn't last night, but a couple nights ago...

I had this dream, right... I'm at a church helping with a funeral. My whole family is there in attendance, but not helping. The dead guy wasn't the pope, and he wasn't catholic, but he was some really high ranking religious guy. Anyway, the hearse shows up at the church after all the people are already seated and ready for the service. I go to the back of the hearse which has backed up to the church doors to help carry the casket. For some odd reason, the top half of the casket lid is actually glass or plastic, you can see through it. It looks as though during the car ride, the body has been jostled and has recoiled into almost a fetal position, with the knees drawn up to about waist level. (I guess the coffin was way too big for this guy, he was laying on his side.) So a guy opens the lid, reaches in and straightens the dead guy's legs and body. I guess that was his job, coffin attendant or something. So anyway, we carry the coffin to the front of the church. We make an extra effort not to be bouncy, but in spite of that the body curls up just a little bit again, and the coffin attendant has to reach in and straighten it out again, halfway down the aisle in the middle of the auditorium. So finally we get the body to the stage and go sit down, and the service starts. The preacher is speaking when I notice a little bit of a splashing noise when I move my foot. I look down and there is about a quarter inch of water on the floor throughout the whole auditorium. Some people have noticed it, others haven't. Then I notice that the water is actually flowing, from the front of the auditorium to the back. I look at the stage and it is coming from up there. There's no visible source, it just appears to be coming from the front wall or something. It starts getting deeper and rushing faster, and people start to get a little edgy and freaked out, and the service stops. Suddenly it gets deep and fast enough that the coffin actually falls over towards the audience, dumping the body out onto the floor of the stage. People scream when the coffin begins to fall. When it hits and the body rolls out, the coffin has a false bottom which also falls out. Now I have no idea what was under the false bottom, but whatever it was, when people saw it, it was immediately apparent to them that this man was no man of god at all. He was terribly evil and was doing all sorts of horrible things while he was alive. Of course this is a huge shock to everyone so there is more screaming and upsetness. At this point the water is about a foot and a half deep, rushing down off the stage, cascading down the steps and rushing through the auditorium. But somehow the body and the coffin never get swept away. We all run out the back door. The water never stops flowing out of the building and the building can never be used again. People can't even go in there because the water finally crests at about five feet and is rushing too fast to enter the building. This goes on for months until they tear the building down, at which point the water stops coming out. They can never find a source for the water and they never find the body or the coffin.
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