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Okay, what the f*ck happened to hip-hop? I know I've mentioned this before, but jeezy creezy, have you turned on BET or MTV Jams lately? WTF is that sh*t? It's absolute and utter crap. The videos are ALL the SAME THING. The "music" is ALL the SAME THING. The sh*t takes absolutely no talent and no creativity whatsoever - it's just a bunch of guys yelling "UH UH YEAH". Jesus.

Oh, and did I mention that that's ALL Drea listens to?? EVERY GODDAMN TIME I turn on the TV, it's on one of the aforementioned channels. Jesus.

On the bright side, the song I'm currently listening to seems to be reasonably good. I caught the video for it today at lunch when I turned on the TV and it was on MTV Jams. I was convinced based on the music, the lyrics, the fashions sported by the guys in the video, and the look of the video itself, the style of the music, everything, I was convinced that this was a mid to late 80s track, but then the guy said something about blowing something up like the World Trade Center, which means it's two years old or less. Interesting. Dude has the 80s style Kool Moe Dee flat top and sunglasses and some old style fashions. And the lyrics are actually moderately interesting, the song has a real nice old school beat, none of this super fast hi-hat bullsh*t they are playing with now. Nice flow.

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