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An interview from worldcomrade:

1. Imagine you become unbelievably wealthy. After you've exhausted your bigger, more sweeping dreams (car, camera, bike), what would be the routine of your typical day?
At home it would go like this:
-Sleep till noon
-Cook breakfast for Tandra and I or take her out to breakfast
-Do something I passionately enjoy, like driving one of my cars through the twisties or maybe doing some photography work
-Around dusk, shoot photography and then get dinner
-during the week, I'll shoot photos at night when it's not cold
-on the weekend I'll go out and buy all my friends drinks, and then bribe my way out of a DUI

Of course all that only applies until I get bored with it. Then I start my own business where I get to deal with people, but only people I like. I'd choose a kind of business that only appealed to the sort of people I would love to deal with. Maybe a photography store or an auto parts store, or maybe a coffee shop or something like that which appealed to people I like.

And of course all that only applies when I'm at home. When I'm not at home, it would be because Tandra and I were road tripping, which we would do ALL THE GOSH DANG TIME. And yeah, I'd set Tandra up so she could do whatever she wanted with her life, because it would make me happy to make her happy like that.

2. So you went and did it. You started your own religion. What's it called and what are the major tenets?
No I didn't. I didn't start my own religion because by definition a religion is a group of people who all believe the same thing, and inevitably when you get a group of people like that, someone starts trying to convince everyone else to believe the same way. This would instantly violate the tenets of the religion and my own beliefs, thus invalidating the religion as a whole. It would immediately self-destruct, retroactive to its own beginning. So my religion cannot exist.

Besides, there's Taoism and other philosophies that people should be paying attention to. Religion blows.

3. What are your top five favorite beers and why?
Holy crap mang. Tough question.

1. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat - Although it's a good beer, it's only #1 for sentimental reasons.
2. Boulevard Wheat - Reasonably available here in Wichita, and really good stuff.
3. New Belgium Sunshine Wheat (with an orange wedge) - Had it right before the Eddie Izzard show for the first time. Good memory, good beer.
4. Pyramid Apricot Ale - My aunt said "Roses are red/Violets are blue/Fruit was not meant/To be in your brew". I disagree. PAA has a WONDERFUL apricot aftertaste, and the Ale itself is light enough to really let it go down smooth. Yumm. Also, the first time Miah and I rode our bikes to an Old Chicago patio, we both had PAA.
5. Pabst Blue Ribbon.


You don't buy the lat one? Okay.

5. Cave Creek Chili. Because you only drink that one if you're on a dare. Same with McEwan's Scotch Ale.

You still don't believe me. Okay.

The real #5. Um, there's a pretty good Hefeweizen I had, might have been Paulaner. I don't know. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is good. Boulder Amber is good. Killian's is good. Corona is acceptable in a pinch. Negra Modelo is decent. I don't know, I can't settle on #5. If I had an Old Chicago beer menu in front of me I could answer it.

4. Who, what, and where are your anchors? What makes you feel safe and real?
Well, Tandra, I guess. For the most part I really don't have a problem with feeling unsafe or insecure or needing anchors, but lately when it comes to her and our relationship, I'm kinda clingy. Other than that though, I really don't need to be reminded that this is reality or anything like that.

When I'm upset and for whatever reason Tandra's not an option, I generally turn to my parents.

If it's something I have to deal with alone, I turn to music.

5. What programming language are you and why?
I am ASP, because that's the only real programming language I know. Also because it is designed as a 100% Microsoft solution, and Microsoft stuff is all I know. Yeah, it's kind of crappy and I've wanted to get over to Linux and learn PHP or something, but I just haven't had the time + motivation + opportunity. I am also ASP because it is structured and logical and dynamic, although I suppose that's true of any computer language. *shrug* It seems like I should have a better answer to that.

Anybody else wanna interview me? Ax me 5 questions. I'll interview you too, I suppose, if you ax nicely.

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