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The first time I heard Tandra sing, we were at a bar where one of her friends was hosting karaoke. She sang "Me and Bobby McGee." She sat down to sing it and kind of hid a little bit. I guess it was the first time in years that she'd sung in front of anybody.

But her voice was awesome. Amazing. I was blown away. Even though she really wasn't belting it out, she sounded amazing. Her voice was so clear and true and dead-on pitch. I had no idea she could sing like that.

She sounds really damn good without a PA system, but when she gets on a microphone, it's like the speakers magically expand her voice and make it sound even better and more clear. It's tremendous.

Now she sings karaoke all the time. Two or three times a week, at least. She's so good that people regularly tip her when she sings, and request specific songs. She's won multiple karaoke contests around town. She has more talent and a better voice than a lot of well-known musicians.

There are some songs she does that I wouldn't ordinarily listen to, but that I like because she does them so well. Only, when I hear them on the radio or on MP3 or something, I always prefer to hear her doing the vocals, rather than the original artist. (And yes, this applies to more than just Janis Joplin songs.) When she sings it gives me goosebumps and sometimes I get tunnel vision and all I can see is her.

She wants to learn to play guitar, write songs, and be a famous singer. I think she can do it.

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