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Friday Five

Today's Friday Five is lame, nonetheless I shall perpetuate it.

At this moment, what is your favorite...

1. ...song? There are so many of them. For Tandra to sing? Silent All These Years by Tori Amos. To listen to at work? Probably Nocturnal Creatures by Darren Tate. To listen to at home? Channel 940 with all its cool trip-hop, chillout, ambient stuff.

2. ...food? I'm craving the pork rib sandwiches with buttered buns and dill pickles that are sitting in my freezer waiting to be loved.

3. ...tv show? Aw, crap. I'm not a huge TV watcher. Maybe Victory By Design? I like reruns of Will & Grace and The Simpsons and Mad TV. Crank Yankers is funny. I mostly watch movies on TV. I watched most of Biker Boyz last night but fell asleep towards the end. It's basically 2F2F for crotch rockets.

4. ...scent? Um. Nag Champa or dinner when I walk in the door from work. (love you Tandra) :-)

5. ...quote? The one I mentioned a couple days ago, the one from Ray Bradbury:
"If we listened to our intellect we'd never have a love affair. We'd never have a friendship. We'd never go in business because we'd be cynical: 'It's gonna go wrong.' Or, 'She's going to hurt me.' Or, 'I've had a couple of bad love affairs, so therefore ...' Well, that's nonsense. You're going to miss life. You've got to jump off the cliff all the time and build your wings on the way down."

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    Sun through the trees, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description:

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    1331163225055, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description: Found this strange scene while wandering campus earlier.

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    Relic, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description: This relic is actually sitting unused in one of my classrooms.

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