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Um, let's see... where are we...

Okay. Tandra's ex-husband (unintentionally) violated their divorce decree and claimed both kids on his tax return, screwing Tandra out of $2100 of her refund. Last night the argument escalated (on both ends) to "I'm going to sue you for full custody of the kids." Legal action ensues. To be continued.
Edit: Things are much better, I am told. He's apparently come to his senses and they are arranging to work it out. ;-)

I missed two appointments with my psychiatrist for which they are trying to charge me $115. $115 before I can go see her again. $115 before I can get another prescription for my antidepressants. $115 for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Heh, yeah, I think not. I have an appointment with my regular physician this afternoon. I'll have him prescribe me my antidepressants and then I'll be all good.

This is a good thing since I've been out of them since the weekend. I'm really starting to feel it in the mornings - it's really difficult to wake up. I was 45 minutes late today. Fortunately, my boss is out with the flu so he noticed neither my lateness nor my jeans-wearing dress code violation today.

I have another appointment tomorrow with the eye doctor since I am on my last pair of contact lenses and they are starting to scratch my eyes. I can't afford contacts or anything, but I'm going anyway. I'll work it out somehow.

I really need to go to the dentist. I haven't been in a year and a half. This is what I do. I go religiously for a while, get all clean and filling'ed up, and then I don't go for a long time. Because I hate the dentist.

Also, I would very much like to move out of my house and rent another house that is much less expensive than mine. At this point I'm even willing to step down in neighborhood class a little bit. I am so pathetically broke and sliding backwards now that it's depressing. However I absolutely refuse to give up my car. So there. Oh yeah, and I'm also considering getting a second job. Not sure where I want to go for that though. Gotta be somewhere I can continue to have Sundays free.

Um, that is all. Entertain me.

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