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road trip

Miah and I went to Lawrence and Kansas City over the weekend. We had a freaking blast. We left Saturday afternoon, and after we got to Kevin's place in Lawrence, he took us around to check out some trail heads for some mountain biking trails. We gotta go back and ride those.

Then Kevin took us to the Free State Brewery for dinner. Upon perusing the list of beers of the day, they had something called Cyclist. So that was a done deal. It turned out to be what I'm guessing was a pale ale, mixed with LEMONADE. It was SO GOOD. A really great Summer beer. And it didn't taste like Doc Otis or Hooch or anything. It tasted like beer with lemonade in it. I had a really good vegetable cous cous, and Kevin made fun of me for having a meal with no meat in it. So Miah gave me a bite of his KC Strip.

After that we went to the skate park to check it out. We'd seen on the website that bicycles were only allowed after 3PM on Sundays, so we'd planned on coming back Sunday to ride it, but when we got there there was one kid on a bike. He seemed to get along well with the skaters, no one seemed to be giving him any shit, so we decided to ride as well. We went back to Kevin's and got the bikes, and started riding. The kids were surprised to see Miah riding a 26-inch bike (mountain bike size) on the ramps, but he was pretty good at it. Some punk kid kicked his ass in BMX though. I had lots of fun learning to drop in on a quarter pipe. Of course, I was too much of a wuss to learn to drop in from a double peg stall. Next time. We rode the park from about 9:30 to 11:30.

Riding the park made me REALLY want a 20-inch bike. A lot. I gotta get a computer first though.

Then Kevin flattened the tire on Miah's new Haro riding it across the gap in the quarter pipe. After we left the park we drove around looking for a place to get another tube, but we couldn't find anything open. My transmission started acting funny, so Miah took my car away and had a little talk with it. It behaved the rest of the night.

After that we went to KU to ride the campus. We unloaded the bikes and Miah set to work adjusting my brakes and raping an inner tube from his Condor to put on his Haro. We had all our bikes and tools all over, it looked like a bike shop in the parking lot. We got driven past by security, then the cops came to see what we were up to. They were cool though. We rode all over the campus, had all kinds of fun. By the time we left, it was about 3AM. At this point Miah and I parted ways with Kevin and pointed the car towards Kansas City. We arrived at Terry's house at about 4:15, took showers, and crashed out about 4:45. They were nice enough to let me sleep till about 11, at which point Terry and Karen cooked us breakfast. That was very cool of them. Then we went to look at a bike Terry was thinking about buying, but it was a piece of crap, so we decided to hit a bike shop or two. We stopped at Otto's in Westport for shakes, that was fun. We ended up at a bike shop which had lousy service, ignorant employees (except for one), and a pretty nice used Cannondale which Terry eventually bought. Miah got a great bargain on his purchases as well.

By the time we got back to Terry's place, it was time for him to go to work. Miah and I took off, headed towards a place called Da Bronx in Westport where we wanted to eat. After about an hour of driving/riding around looking for the damn place and then trying to find our way to I-35, we ended up eating dinner at Chili's. Our waiter sucked. After that we headed home. Great conversation on the way home, too. Kept me very alert and interested.


So that's my weekend, not really in a nutshell. I was exhausted when we got back and I haven't gotten caught up on my sleep in like two weeks. Somehow this is probably unhealthy. Oh well.
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