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Current situation: working my 40 hours a week, successfully affording my car and house, but just barely... scraping by, empty refrigerator, empty pantry. got a floor and a half in my house that barely get used, except to leak warm air outside and cold air in. constantly stressed about money. bored with my job and my city.

Status: stagnant.

What I want to do: sell the house (even though I'd take a loss and walk away with a debt), move into a sh*tty little cheap-ass apartment, stick our stuff in storage, pay off all our bills, not worry about money, save up for something interesting. be in a situation where we're not so committed to staying in one place so we can move if we feel like it.

Obstacles: Don't have the money to pay for the transaction of selling the house. Also Tandra does not want to move into the particular sh*tty little apartments I want to move into. Would like a garage for the car, instead of a downtown parking lot that's not even visible from the apartment building. Have dogs - need a yard and a place that will let us have dogs.

Solution: Compromise. Rent a smaller house than the one we live in now, but that has a garage and yard.

Problem with that: Probably wouldn't save all that much money. Costs would probably be closer to what I pay now than to the sh*tty little apartment.

Possible alternative: Remodel house, mostly DIY style, sell it and make enough to make up for the busted sewer pipe and to cover the transaction and whatnot.


[Note that I don't HATE HATE my job like I was doing a few months ago. I'm just not fulfilled.]

What about jumping careers, just for kicks? What about maybe packing up and supporting Tandra's dream? That'd certainly be a fun adventure, although it might require selling the Miata, which would be really hard for me. Damn near impossible. What is life if you don't take some risks and have some adventures though? At this point I've (mostly) lived a boring, cookie-cutter life. At least for the past five-ish years it has been that way.

/me needs some kind of interesting change, or maybe just a vacation


Oh yeah, my house + utility bills cost the better part of half my income. Can't afford a road trip. Damn. See why I gotta get out of this situation somehow?

this post is thoroughly disjointed and practices horrendous grammar and form. Deal.
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