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so the other night was one of those nights when everything got all simple and easy to understand and uncomplicated. right, you remember that? okay. well, today is the exact f*cking opposite of that. I can't figure out SH*T. don't know WTF I should do with myself. today is one of those days where I feel like I should actively take steps to simplify things. it's all screwy and cloudy in my head, like wichita is just a big mental smog or something. you know - when you arrive here, it grows all smoggy INSIDE your head instead of outside.

what's weird though is that what I *really* want to do with my life, what I wish I could do, is the same today as it was on Uncomplicated Day. unfortunately I have other obligations that are preventing me from doing it. obligations that I'd rather have than not have.

see, I told you it was complicated. I don't even want to be here today. I mean, even more than usual.

on the bright side, I took out a little bit of frustration by driving to work this morning. one of the times when having a manual transmission was the absolute best. now all I need to do is get my stereo installed.

i have decided to stop using caps today

maybe i will skip the punctuation as well
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