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an e-mail I just sent


In the past, when there was severe weather that you wanted to keep the public aware of, you would put a little box in the corner of the screen noting the county where the weather was... or maybe a little map of kansas with certain counties displayed in certain colors based on the conditions. If things developed that didn't warrant breaking in to the programming entirely, you would run a crawl. That was great, worked very well.

Now I understand that Dave Freeman is a drama queen and that he LOVES his severe weather coverage, but this is ridiculous. You suddenly want to take up 40% of my TV screen with your "There's bad weather, everybody run and hide!" graphic, but - and stay with me on this - there's NO NEW CONTENT. *gasp* That same little box and maybe a crawl are still the only dynamic content in that huge chunk of real estate that have anything to do with current weather conditions. The rest of it is just a pretty graphic. What a waste of space! Not everyone has a big-screen. Give me my TV back, pretty please.

Tossing my $.02 into the e-fountain,
Josh Dutcher

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