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Since friday_five is being a lazy bitch this week, I've decided to do my own.

What was your first...

1. Screen Name?

2. E-mail address? artemis@elysian.net

3. ISP? (Or if you're old school like me, your first BBS?) I started BBSing around 1990, well before the Internet was in households. We were calling local BBS's that only had one line each. You'd call in, use the message boards, and hang up and let the next person call in. I think my first was called Shooters. The first multi-line BBS in Wichita was called Scherer 'n' Place, but no one really liked the software they used. The first one of any popularity had NINE LINES and was called Presipus. That was the first multi-line BBS in Wichita that people actually had parties around. Then we moved on to Catalyst, and later, Elysian Fields which went on to be a pretty decent facilitator as the world changed from BBSing to the Internet. They were a 15 or 20 line multinode BBS who transitioned pretty well into becoming an ISP. I got my first e-mail address from them, as well as my first WWW access.

4. Internet Browser? (Or if you're old school like me, your first Terminal program?) I started out using Telix to call local BBSs. After a while I moved up to QModem. My first web browser was one of the early iterations of Netscape.

5. Experience meeting someone you met online first? I went to one of those Presipus parties. It was probably 1990 or so. One of the women from the BBS who was like my online mom had to give me a ride because I was too young to drive. I was really young and for the most part had no idea what was going on, but I do remember that there were people in one room watching Anime, people in another room playing cards and drinking, and people in other rooms gathered around computers. Pretty much what you'd expect at a geek party now.

And for bonus points, write out the history of all your screen names:

Bart Simpson
The Grinch

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