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I had a great weekend. Got my CD player in my car working (sort of... it's old and skips a lot) and even got my interior lights working, which hadn't worked since I bought the car. It's amazing what one blown fuse will disable. Also yesterday I raced my first autocross. That was fun. Miah co-drove for me. Then we played video games and watched the WRC Rally Mexico. It got up to 65 degrees or so, we drove with the top down all day... it was a good day.

So good in fact, that today, with the rainy weather and being at work, is just almost intolerably boring in comparison. God I hate that. I want to go explore the world. I want a really nice digital SLR with lots of lenses. I want to be out of debt and out of my house that I can't afford. I want I want I want. Bah.
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