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my typical monday bitch session

You know, a lot of office buildings look pretty cool from the outside. We're impressed with the WTC or the Empire State Building or the Sears Tower because they're so ridiculously tall. We have an appreciation for the architecture in buildings like San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid, and those of us who aren't used to it are awestruck when we travel the downtowns of America's large cities and are swallowed by the towering office buildings surrounding us. These kinds of things are impressive human achievements and are also pretty cool to look at.

I'm saying the same old thing in a little different way. It's image heavy, so it gets a cut.

But have you noticed, you never see pictures of these buildings from the inside? A fair amount of attention is given to the appearances of impressive office buildings, but the interiors hardly get a mention.

Well now, given that picture, it's not hard to see why. Cubicle farms really aren't what you'd call eye candy, now are they.

Now compare that image to the following:

It's been my experience that, at least for me, my surroundings influence my mood, my ambition, how I feel, to a very deep level. What I see visually has a very deep effect on me. I want to be somewhere prettier than this. When I'm at work, I see basically the equivalent of this:

When I'm not at work, my city looks like this:

and my state looks like this:

I'm not cut out for what I'm doing right now... unfortunately I don't know what I am cut out for. I'm just not a "type A" overachiever. Those are the kinds of people who make businesses successful, because they are never satisfied. And their constant dissatisfaction trickles down to me - always they want more, newer, better. Never any satisfaction. Well, I'd like to live a life where I feel some sort of satisfaction with what I do and where I live and how I live. F*ck a "Type A", man.
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