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I have noticed throughout my life that when grocery shopping, there are some things you can go generic on, and some things you absolutely cannot. For example, chocolate syrup is pretty much chocolate syrup in my experience. It all tastes the same, dissolves into milk the same, etc. Animal crackers tend to be animal crackers. But don't get generic Pop-Tarts or you will be disappointed. And I definitely do not like to go cheap on my bacon. Ya gotta get the good, thick-sliced bacon. I got generic bacon at the cheap-ass grocery store once, and the sh*t was sliced so thin that when you tried to peel the slices apart, they just ripped into these nasty stringy pieces of flesh that cooked into something less like bacon and more like fried bologna or something.

Cheese is hit or miss. Marble colby-jack cheese in generic is sometimes soft enough that when you try to slice it, it compresses and squishes almost like velveeta, where Kraft marble cheese has the proper consistency. But straight Colby cheese you can go generic on. Cereal, the kind you get in the big ziploc bag instead of an actual box, that stuff is good. No problem there.

There are lots more examples, but I can't think of them right now.

I mention this because I have just discovered that generic cheez-its do not have enough salt on them and I'll be going name brand on those from now on.

What's your experience with this? What foods are okay to go generic on and which ones are definitely not?
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