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holy crap

So I go out to my car at lunch, right, and it's freaking GORGEOUS outside. Well, wait.. It's insanely windy, but other than that it's beautiful. So I go out to my car and I'm taking the top down and stuff getting ready to go home, when I notice this wasp buzzing around me. I keep an eye on it because I've never in my life been stung by a stinging creature and so I'm afraid it will hurt a lot more than it probably actually will, so I'm terrified of bees and wasps and such. Plus my dad's allergic to wasp stings, and I have every other allergy he has, so I probably have that one too. Anyway, I keep my eye on this wasp thinking that he'll eventually buzz off, but he seems strangely interested in my car, landing on the door, the seat, the steering wheel... weird. It gets annoying about the time I'm ready to go. Finally I get sick of him and try to stomp him. I sort of got him, he couldn't fly anymore, so after that it was pretty simple to scoop him out of my car and squish him.

Then I look back at my car and discover what it was that he was so interested in.

Apparently some mommy spider thought it would be a good idea to lay a big fat egg sac somewhere in the neighborhood of where my front left fender and left door meet, because there are HUNDREDS of TINY SPIDERS crawling ALL OVER THE SIDE OF MY CAR. There are little spider webs flying off the mirror and sh*t from the wind... UGH. And of course they were tiny so even a close inspection gave me no idea what KIND of spiders they were. Icka. So I used the squeegee side of my ice scraper to scrape them off the side of my car, smearing baby spider guts all down my fender. I dug them out of the area where the door hinges are, just got rid of as many of them as I could.

Then I drove home, on the highway, at 80 mph. I get home and there are still spiders on the side of my car. Resilient little bastards. So I get the hose out, clean up the smear, and spray the rest of the spiders off.

I'm wondering how many spiders are infesting my car now. That's not the most fun feeling I've ever had.

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