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I haven't gotten enough sleep in, oh, the past three nights or so. It's starting to catch up with me. Tonight I need to do laundry and go to bed early.

I want to own a big bar with three areas. A mellow, laid-back pub; a karaoke bar (for Tandra); and a dance club with good DJs. I bet I could make money at that. Maybe. At least then I could shift back to being mostly a night person. Bonus, I could do the club's website.

Miah and I have been playing Burnout 2 on the XBOX. That + Colin McRae Rally 4 is enough to make me want an XBOX of my own when they come down to $150 here shortly. I mean, come on. Any game where you score points by causing huge pileups is good fun in my book.

alostrael, bigbrother2084: Sorry I missed last night. Miah's grandpa died yesterday and he needed some defrag time, so I went over there and distracted him. Dammit, Eric, for the last month or two I can't seem to make one of your sets no matter what I do. It's getting annoying.

Uhhhh... this post will garner approximately two comments due to its relative boringness and complete irrelevance to anyone other than myself. As opposed to my generic foods entry of yesterday which was without question the crowning achievement of my LJ career. So far today, you bastards are boring and self-absorbed as well (or absent entirely). Make an effort to pick up your game and maybe I'll reciprocate.

P.S. This track is a great old classic.
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