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Holy crap, I just had so much fun.

Miah was in his Volvo 850 wagon and I was behind him in my Miata. We were leaving Old Chicago. We were getting on westbound Kellogg, and there is a litttle street where you merge from the frontage road onto Kellogg, the main highway. Some idiot was in front of Miah, actually STOPPED at the merge point, waiting to get on. You know the kind of idiot I'm talking about. So I'm stopped behind Miah. Finally the car goes, Miah goes, and I go. We have to stop at a light soon, and as we're sitting at the light, Miah revs his engine at me. So I rev him back. I'm stil behind him. Next thing I know, my lane is going slow and the other is going fast, and a totally riced out F&F Civic passes me and gives me a big old rev as he passes me. Then an older Civic hatch passes me, right on the other Civic's tail. So I swing out behind the two Hondas, next to Miah, and give chase. It's touch and go for a while as we're on a main highway as it passes through town. There's lots of traffic and a couple more red lights, so there's not much room to maneuver or race. But Miah sees what's going on, and he's with me. Then we get to the place where the highway opens up and the speed limit goes from 35 in a construction zone to 65. There's still plenty of traffic around us, but the two Civics, Miah and I are all jockeying for position. We wait as traffic slowly changes and mutates and gives one or the other of us what looks like a shot at breaking free, but it never happens. Suddenly I notice that there's a gold 350Z playing too! Now we've got FIVE cars here who are playing the game, who know what's going on, among these 15 or 20 other cars who are just piddling along, doing their thing. I'm in the far left lane with a pickup truck in front of me and the riced out Civic right next to me. An entrance/exit lane opens up on the far right and I see Miah go flying past the whole crowd with the 350Z right on his ass. I slow way down and cut in behind the Civic, hoping for a shot at the exit lane before it ends, but I don't get it. I don't know where the hatch is, and I see Miah and the 350Z hauling ass up in front of the crowd. Then I see the hatch to my left and we jockey for position some more. I've never seen so many beautiful, snap lane changes in traffic before. It was like ballet, only faster. Finally the lane to my right opens up and just as I switch into it, I see that Miah's chosen not to continue the game, but to get off at the correct exit, which is also my exit. So I change into the exit lane just as I see the Civics break free of the crowd. I moved off the highway as I watched the Civics and the 350Z racing down the highway. At the bottom of the exit ramp, Miah and I chatted about how much fun it was before we went our separate ways.

If that sort of thing happened more often, I'd have much more of a hunger for a supercharger. Damn, that was fun.

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