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I've cut out a lot of the miscellaneous worthless distractions from my life lately. I just haven't had the desire to play video games. Other than playing with Miah on Saturday, I haven't played anything in at least a week. That's significant for me.

I have been watching a fair amount of TV, but that's only during times like eating dinner and winding down to go to sleep.

I've been packing up the house and, of course, finding all sorts of interesting stuff in the basement. Everywhere I look I see indications of how much Tandra loves me. Everywhere is something she gave me or something she wrote to me or something that reminds me of a good time we've had. It warms my heart every time I find one. Unfortunately I don't see very many things I've given her or done for her. She's been thoughtful in tiny ways that I haven't been. Makes me want to change that, so I will. :-) I mean, I think of her every minute of every day anyway, why not show it? :-)

(P.S. - Yes, I stole your icon. I like it) :-)
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