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The weekend was good. We went to KC, 20% to look at apartments and 80% to visit the kids. Looks like everybody is in Overland Park. It also looks like Tandra's family is making a mass exodus up there, so I suppose that's a good thing since her mother will eventually quit resisting and come along. That will be good for Tandra and the kids, and also for her mother.

We looked at one place that was an old bank building converted to loft apartments. They were awesome. Probably a little more than we want to spend, but they were cool to look at.

We took the kiddos to Rainforest Cafe. I was so excited to take them there, I think I had more fun than they did. Then they stayed the night at the hotel with us. I think they had fun. It was nice to have them around for a while. Miss them.

I wish it were as easy for me to get a job as it appears to be for HVAC type people. Tandra's cousin is in that business and already has an interview lined up. I hardly even have any jobs to apply for. I'm wondering what other sorts of jobs I could qualify for and do, at least for a while to pay the bills. I don't know. I guess it would be good if I had some actual career training rather than having taught myself some geek skills out of a book. I'd kind of like to figure out a way to get enough financial assistance to go to school full time, and still pay the bills. Maybe I should look into that.

Our hotel room had high speed internet and working heat, as advertised. This in contrast to the last hotel room we had up there. So that's an improvement. The hot breakfast however left something to be desired. The french toast was alright but the eggs either were tofu, or weren't but tasted like and had the consistency of tofu, which is probably worse. OTOH, it was free, and the biscuits and gravy were good.

Yesterday Xandria was set on hummus, but every greek place we could find was closed (it was Easter after all). So Tandra had the excellent idea of taking us all to Whole Foods to stock up and we went to a park and had a picnic. A little pricey, but lots of leftovers and definitely worth it to spend the time together. The park was a really cute little place. Made me want to live near there and take my family and the dogs there, that sort of thing. Yeah, this biological clock thing is seriously kicking in now that I've figured out to pay attention to it.

Tonight I'm chopping my hair and bleaching the tips again like it used to be. I've lost a little weight in my face so shorter hair will hopefully look ok on me again, and this long wavy hair thing just isn't really working for me. (Long being like 4 inches.) I'm kind of in the mood for something other than what I've had since 1998, but this cut seems to work for me and right now I really can't be bothered to do the research to find out what else might look good with my face shape and complexion, and I don't have the money to go pay the high-dollar gay boys at Planet Hair to hook me up. Otherwise I'd do that.

Last night I caught the dog blatantly trying to take a crap in my bedroom, right in front of me. Stupid dog. I let them out when I got home but she must have just been too excited. She only dropped one turd before I caught her, but it still stunk up the room. So I lit some incense before bed. Now my work clothes smell like Nag Champa. That's a good thing.

Tomorrow I meet with our realtor to go through the beginning steps of listing my house on the market even though it isn't technically ready to sell. The moving sale will hopefully clear out a bunch of crap and bring in enough money to shampoo the carpets, fix the garage door opener, get an exterminator and maybe even get some fill dirt to fill in the holes the stupid dogs dug in the back yard.

I sound very negative but I'm not in as bad of a mood as it sounds like. I should work on not sounding so negative all the time.

This song is very ethereal and cool.

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