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it was slithering this way and that!

Ok, heads up graphic designers. I am in need of a new layout for my website, and I need it fo' free, yo. Ima change the structure of the site quite a bit so that there are basically only three areas to go to: My embedded LJ, my photography gallery (which I will use Gallery for), and a spot for my writings (which may be divided into subcategories, in fact I may just make my LJ one of those instead of its own cat.) I want it to be kinda hip looking but definitely very clean, very good looking, and somewhat graphical. More than just the colored HTML/tables for layout/clipart graphics crap that I have now. Obviously I'd give you full credit on the site and you could use it in your portfolio. If you want to toss me some ideas or know anyone who might be interested, let me know mang. Thanks mang. I got a snake, mang.
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