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So, I went to sleep last night around 1 or shortly after. Then at 4:15 this morning I woke up. I could not get back to sleep, so I've been up since then. I was bored so I came to work at like 6:35 this morning. I'm working on 3 hours of sleep. This is really weird.

The best part is, if I went back home now, I could fall asleep immediately.

Walking through the office this morning feels very much like walking through a dream. Not because anything looks strange outside of there being a few less people here and some lights off that are ordinarily on. No, it's because I'm so tired. I'm not really conscious of my legs moving, so I feel like a disembodied head floating down the hallway.

I have an appointment at 3:30. I will leave here for the day at 3. I have a lunch appointment. I don't think I can get a nap before about 5. To quote Tandra, this is butt.

  • it's snowing!

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    You know what today is? BLUSTERY. heheheh. (Oh, and there were enormous flakes of SNOW falling for a few minutes this morning.)

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    This is what Wichita looks like right now

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