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Why Matt is fun people

busychild424: yo
matt: Sup?
matt: You sound happy.
busychild424: I'm in a great mood today, which is really weird since I got ~3.5 hours of sleep
matt: You're not supposed to be all chipper... You're my perpetually angst-ridden friend, right?
busychild424: wrong
busychild424: :-D
matt: Hmm. Just a second while I adjust my worldview.
busychild424: I'm your perpetually happy friend who has been angst-ridden since roughly March (a relatively short time in relation to my entire life)
busychild424: the angst has been so traumatic because I'm so unaccustomed to it
busychild424: how's that worldview coming along
matt: I'll submit the forms for friend-reclassification. Forgive me if I look at you funny whenever you're happy until all the paperwork clears.
busychild424: HAHA
matt: Then it'll be all good.
busychild424: ok, I can work around that
busychild424: we'll just pretend I wasn't happy until the approval comes through
matt: Should I put you down as A) Chipper --- B) Happy --- C) Giddy --- D) Giggly --- E) So happy as to endanger credibility --- F) In need of downers to prevent medical problems from excessive grinning --- or G) Feeling pretty good generally
busychild424: put me down for G. E is not applicable as I have no credibility to begin with.
matt: Right on.
matt: This'll take a while - I'm sure they're closed on Monday.
busychild424: if they had H) Delerious from lack of sleep, that'd be a consideration
busychild424: but those forms are never comprehensive anyway
matt: There is a box for insomniac under Other at the bottom.
busychild424: nah, that's too broad
busychild424: in the comments section, put a disclaimer that I reserve the right to change this up at any moment
matt: Only I can change it, dude... It's my Federal Friends Registry.
matt: They have no sense of humour.
matt: I hand-scribbled "Yes" in under sex on the originating-friend section once and they audited me.
matt: Called everyone on the list up to see if they thought I was cool (what a fool I was to check the "Thinks I'm Cool" box for everyone). Cost me like $600 in fines.

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